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At Terra Research, there's nothing more important to us than community. Big or small, they are the melting pots of our society and make up the fabric of this country. Nothing is more important than giving back to your community!

As our mission states, the goal of Terra Research is to improve the quality of life in local communities. There are many ways to work towards this, and at Terra Research we have taken multiple approaches.

The Terra Research Foundation is actively involved in supplying fresh, green food to local homeless communities. We have volunteers involved in both the production and distribution process. This form of traditional community service allows participants to get directly involved with residents of their community all while making a real difference.

Terra Research also administers a nationwide initiative to further education and involvement in local communities, building them from the inside out. Through this initiative, we have established an educational program that allows participants to complete their community service by educating themselves and those around them. Terra Research provides our volunteers with all of the resources they need to complete their community service and help their community grow towards a brighter future.

Through our program we have helped thousands of volunteers educate thousands of people. Terra Research believes that there is no better way to give back to your community than by educating yourself and other members of your community. By the time individuals graduate from our program, our volunteers are better educated, more likely to get a job and less likely to end up in the court system.

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