How Terra Research is Changing Your World

Education Initiative

Terra Research believes that the best way to increase the quality of life within a community is to educate its citizens. In accordance with that, we have begun several educational initiatives aimed at educating those who are underprivileged and under-educated. Educational community involvement offers those who might be otherwise unable to volunteer, whether that be due to an illness, pregnancy or the person's geographic location, access to community service opportunities. Terra Research hosts thousands of educational courses, all of which are interactive and educational. These courses cover a broad variety of topics ranging from things like organic chemistry to American history. As a form of community service, the Terra Research Foundation sponsors people who participate in these educational classes. Essentially, Terra Research allows volunteers to complete their required community service hours by going through school.

Education is a priority at Terra Research. We believe that by allowing people to educate themselves and those around them, the community benefits in the long run. The statistics tell the whole story; less than 40% of criminal offenders have graduated high school and only 2% have a college education. By educating at risk members of society, we are better the community as a whole. Educating people keeps them out of the court system and makes them more productive members of their communities.